It's just a tag

What if your tag was more than a static indicator of price? What if it could be used to capture and store detailed data about an item – if it could tell an item’s story; it’s history.

It is this, the collective story of items as they move through your operation, that, if read, would give you extensive information on everything from the value generated from a specific donation site to the optimal length of your rotation cycle. The information available through this story has the power to transform your operation. But, how do you capture this story in a timely, efficient way? Up until now, that question has remained unanswered.

The power of the tag

RIMS turns your tag into a powerhouse; it harnesses the power of the data that is flowing through an operation and consolidates it onto the tag. As this tag moves through the operation, so does the data it carries. And as the movements are recorded, the data becomes instantly available to decision makers and managers. Imagine having accurate, detailed information on your donation stream, your raw material and finished goods inventory, the consistency and accuracy of your pricing, and your sales, available in real time and anywhere you have an internet connection.

RIMS – harness the power of your tag.

RIMS Retail Management Software

The power of the tag.

The power of the tag.

Goodwill Industries of Ft. Worth has been using the RMS (Retail Management System) and the RIMS (Retail information Management System) for the last 6 years. We were instrumental in partnering with Midwest Textiles in developing this system which is capable of tracking donations from the donor through the back roo...

David Bostick, President/CEO
Goodwill Industries of Fort Worth, Inc.

RIMS has given Goodwill Industries of Fort Worth the ability to expand our mission by making our retail stores more profitable. The data produced by RIMS has allowed us to cut costs, become more efficient, reduce shrink, and truly respond to our customers’ wants and needs. RIMS has made the retail decision-making ...

David Cox, Sr. Vice President, Retail Sales and Marketing
Goodwill Industries of Fort Worth, Inc.