Our RIMS software includes the following features:

Donation Information

It can be a challenging task for management to monitor a store’s donation volume and production rates. How many pounds of donations did a store receive and how many pounds did they process? What percentage of those donations made it to the sales floor? How many pounds are being supplemented from offsite donation sources? With RIMS, you will no longer have to wonder if your stores are meeting donation and production targets – and neither will they.

Not only can you capture information on your donations, but also on the donor’s themselves. With our customizable donor information collection module, you will be able to record relevant donor data, such as name, address, and phone number. In addition, this module offers you the flexibility of collecting information on the types of donations being given and a donor’s estimate of its value. Once this data is recorded, printing a donor receipt becomes a snap.

Inventory Management

Our backroom inventory management application was designed with scalability in mind. An organization that already operates with a high degree of inventory control and management will benefit from the efficiency and accuracy with which the inventory movements can now be tracked. From new goods to salvage, you will have an easy way to keep tabs on your entire inventory – even inventory that moves between stores. For an organization that just wants to get a better handle on their inventory handling and work flow, they will also benefit from the data captured on the volume of products moving in and out of the backroom without having to track detailed movements.


In an ideal world, you would want to price products according to their perceived value. Trends and fashion, brand-names and condition all contribute to a consumer’s perception of value. Pricing based on these characteristics would help you maximize the value of your donations. But this would take up valuable processing time and require significant training. Not with RIMS. Our pricing application is easy to learn and even easier to use. Organizations that have implemented RIMS have been able to move to value-pricing their donations without suffering any loss in productivity.

The RIMS pricing application was designed to be both flexible and customizable. You are able to define the departments, categories and prices that are used in your stores and which make sense for your market. RIMS gives you the ability to set prices for up to 12 different combinations of value attributes or to implement a Good-Better-Best pricing approach. Furthermore, departments, categories and price-points are all defined through one central administration application allowing management to retain control over these important decisions across all stores. Once a pricing configuration is setup, it can be easily copied to all stores or can be tailored to the specific needs of each individual store.


RIMS puts your powerful data within easy reach through several key reporting tools. Designed specifically for store managers, our online Dashboards provide a quick and easy way to monitor a store’s sales and production KPI’s. With this information readily available, mangers will be able to respond swiftly and accurately to operational issues allowing them to effectively drive their store’s overall performance.

Our detailed sales and production reports are also available online giving upper management important insight into donations, backroom productivity, and sales across all their stores. These reports are designed to be easily exported into Excel and PDF files allowing for efficient analysis and reporting.

Our latest enhancement to the RIMS reporting features is the addition of Business Intelligence tools. We have developed an OLAP cube that will allow users to mine their detailed collections, processing, and sales data. From this, users will be able to generate custom reports on the fly and in a matter of moments. If you have a question on a store’s performance, you will probably be able to answer it with just a few clicks of your mouse.

RMS Integration

RIMS is designed to be easily integrated with Microsoft’s Dynamics RMS POS software and includes custom RMS add-ons. These include:

  • The ability to track and sell goods by scanning their UPC codes
  • The ability to collect customer’s zip codes at the register
  • A comprehensive discounting wizard that enables management to easily implement a wide range of discounting strategies – from single item discounts, to whole-store discounts based on color rotation cycles.

Once integrated, you will have a comprehensive, scalable system capable of capturing actionable information from your donation doors to your cash registers.

RIMS Retail Management Software

The power of the tag.

The power of the tag.